What our clients think about us!

Fitness & Weight Management

Donna Garnett



I was feeling very unfit & overweight & I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the exercise but my FREE trial exercise session was so good & to my surprise I managed to do it all & I felt so much better afterwards

Grace Osborne

I had visited the gym but had not done a weight management program before. My Free session was really good & I was able, even encouraged to work at my own level. The best thing was being given a mixture of exercises to work different areas of the body.       

Amanda Carter

Benfleet Class

I was very unfit & I was worried about attending a class as I am not very co-ordinated. My first FREE exercise session was great & so rewarding. The best thing was I left the class feeling so much more motivated.                                               

Tessa Rhodes

I had never done Fitness Pilates before & wanted to try it, I was worried that I may be too stiff & not be able to stretch very far. I found my FREE trial class very relaxing, although I did find I was a bit stiff I expect that would improve with regular sessions. The best thing was learning how to breathe properly & how important that is, I will practice this daily

Stanford le Hope Cass

Mandy Smith

I wasn’t sure if Fitness Pilates was for me, my Free session was excellent & I slept so well that night!                                                                                 

Fitness Pilates

Stanford le Hope Cass

Kim Torr

I already attend Cherie’s Clubbercise class but wanted to give Fitness Pilates a try. I was a little worried as I had been told it was really hard. I absolutely loved my first FREE session & the best thing was the stretching.                                                            

Stanford le Hope Cass

Jackie Jones

Stanford le Hope Class

My baby was 6 months old, I had done Pilates before but was unsure of trying another class. My first FREE session was different to what I had been used to but fun. One of the best things was the class was so friendly & non - judgmental.                                        

Bill Jones
Stacey Ellingham

I had joined Cherie’s regular fitness & weight management class but I felt like I needed additional training & more of a push, My only concern was that it might be too focussed on the mood/well being element. My first FREE session was great , more informative & focussed on everything as a whole & how important it is to have a balanced state of mind in order to go forward with the training & the weight management. The best thing was having the additional support through the 1:1 consultation & the more personal support in the class as there was only a few of us.

Benfleet Class

Small Group Personal Training

Andrea Terry

Benfleet Class

I had lost my motivation & couldn’t get my head in the right place, My FREE session was great & gave me the boost I needed to get back on track, I love the individual attention you get from Cherie in the smaller group & this has taught me to exercise on a whole new level. I feel amazing!

Teddi Toomer

The only Clubbing I did involved alcohol! My first FREE session was Fab & Energetic & everyone was so friendly. It was a fun night out & healthy at the same time :)   

Corringham Class

Danielle Webb

Corringham Class

I hate exercise so I needed to find something I enjoyed in order to commit to it. I was worried because I have no rhythm & 2 left feet. My first FREE class with Cherie was Brilliant & an enjoyable workout at the same time.                                       


Nicola Miles

I was feeling really tired a lot of the time, I was concerned about feeling stupid in the class & that it would be too hard.  In my first FREE session I felt so free & loved it,

I left feeling energised & happy.                                                                                              

Benfleet Class

Kelly Voss

Corringham Class

I needed to get back in to an exercise regime. My first FREE Clubbercise session with Cherie was Fab! The best thing was getting some De Stress time for ME!    

I was unable to attend my regular class with Cherie due to work so she suggested her Clubbercise session, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but my first FREE session was very enjoyable, I’m unable to get to clubs now so I loved the music & The best thing was to get some ME time doing something I enjoyed which also benefits my health.

Liz Gambrill

Benfleet Class

Lorraine Greenslade

Benfleet Class

I suffer from stress & anxiety, I was a little concerned about how intense the session would be & if I would feel comfortable talking. I found my first FREE session with Cherie very interesting & relaxing.                                                                                   

Linda Martin

I was finding it difficult to relax/sleep, I had never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect. My first FREE session with Cherie was quite relaxing & the best thing was learning how to stop my mind from wandering when trying to relax/sleep

Benfleet Class

De-Stress & Free Your Mind Gentle Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions

Julia Willis

Benfleet Class

I suffer with unreasonable stress so I was really interested to try this session, I found it very relaxing & felt very comfortable, the best thing was knowing that in time & with practice I could control my stress levels