My name is Cherie

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I am so glad you found me – I will make it my mission to make you glad you found me too!

 I have been a Fitness professional since 2002 working locally in the Essex Community & along with my instructor Michelle we are fully qualified in Exercise to Music and Nutrition.

  We are a small fitness family & this is not our job, this is our passion and it is this passion that drives us to help you succeed. Michelle started as a member of mine in 2006 & has amazingly lost just under 7st & has changed her life, With our help you too can change yours.

 We will support, guide, inspire & motivate you, but this is ultimately YOUR life, led by YOUR choices, only YOU can make YOUR dreams become a reality.

 This may be a tough journey at times but together we can make this happen… When you are feeling a little weak we will give you the strength & support you need to carry on and when you are feeling strong we will push you harder and farther than you thought possible.



We have classes available to suit all tastes & fitness levels. Men & Women welcome

Our vast choice of classes means there is something for everyone. We can offer Zumba, Fitness Pilates, Classic Aerobics & Weight Management, Hiit, Body Combat, Clubbercise, Salsa & Kettleblast. We specialise in teaching alldifferent levels in the same class, You work at your own level & we will support, encourage & motivate you.

Whether you want to Interval train with Hiit, Use weights with Kettleblast, strengthen your core & perfect your posture with Fitness Pilates or dance your way to fitness with Zumba, Salsa, Clubbercise or maybe do a bit of everything, I am confident that we can offer you a class that suits your taste at a level that suits your capabilities & ultimately one that you will enjoy.


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