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Free your mind



Exercise & Weight Management all in one class at one amazing price. You get weighed weekly, Nutritional & healthy eating Pack & advice is given (this is NOT a DIET) & then we do a 45min exercise class, to keep this class fun & fresh, we do a mixture of Classic Aerobics, Circuit & Salsa.  Resistance band/toning & Floorwork is also included but if you struggle to get up & down onto the floor, do not worry as this section of the class can be done on the chair (Infact if need be, all of this class can be done on a chair) You will be encouraged to work at your own level & full adaptations will be given, You will be supported, motivated & inspired every step of the way, as you move towards your Fitness & Weight loss goals. If you are nervous about the exercise class a walking & home plan can be given until you build your confidence. or please see SMALL GROUP TRAINING.


This is a 45 min strength & endurance toning Blast class, using a Kettlebell weight of about 4kg.

Exercises are suitable for all levels & adaptations are given to ensure you are working safely &

effectively. If you are not sure about whether you will like this class or not I can hire you a

Kettlebell so you can try it out.


This is a Latin Dance inspired exercise class, which will get you shaking parts of your body you didn’t know you could shake! Zumba is not for the shy & retiring, you need to let go of your inhibitions & ‘DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!’


All NEW Dance fitness class - If you love or ever loved clubbing/partying you will love this. If you feel self conscious when you exercise that will be a thing of the past in this class as the main lights are OFF & the Disco lights & Glow sticks are on.

No - one can see if you are doing it right or not, Just get lost in the music & ‘Dance that Body’ to a level of Fitness you only ever dreamed of. Suitable for men & Women of all levels of fitness - moves are adapted so you work at your own level.


This is for people who maybe cannot do the times of the classes on my timetable, or maybe want to work at a more individual level. If you are nervous about exercising, this would be a perfect way of building your confidence before you join the larger exercise groups.  More 1 to 1 attention is given & this is reflected in the price, as these classes are more expensive.

This small group training is all about YOU, YOUR MIND & YOUR BODY working harmoniously in sync on a much deeper level

How many times do you feel you have Put 100% into your fitness regime but did not get the results you feel you deserve? Or maybe you got the results eventually but as soon as you relax a little you fall back in to your old ways & the weight starts to creep back on?

This is because you did not work on changing your mindset. We all know the mind is a powerful thing & POSITIVE LONGTERM RESULTS can only come from

a POSITIVE MIND, So if you didn’t take the time to change your mindset & break your bad habits, as soon as you take your 'eye off the ball’ your old habits will creep back in

& before you know it you are back where you started, soooo FRUSTRATING!!!With POSITIVE MINDBODY.FIT as well as fitness training I will be giving you personal & small group mindset coaching, so when you reach your goal this time, it will be for 

THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. (max 9 people in the class)


This is a 45min  non impact class which focusses on re aligning basic postural imbalances, building strength from the inside out as it targets & re balances the deep postural muscles of the body. The result is a body that is properly aligned & at less risk of injury, suitable for men & women of all ages & ability. It is also a fantastic way to relax & unwind focussing on your breathing & preparing your mind & body positively for your day/week/life ahead.


This is a 30 min High Intensity Interval Training class. Hiit 1 is suitable for Men & Women of all abilities as adaptations are given to ensure you are working safely & effectively. Please note that High Intensity does not necessarily mean that you have to work at a High Impact level.

We do steady steps (simple routine) for 1 - 2 mins & then a Hiit for 30 secs & this builds & changes as the weeks go on. Interval Boom Hiit is a 30 min level 3 High Intensity Interval Training class. In order to take part in this class you must have completed Hiit 1 & 2


This is a toning class targeting the areas mentioned above. It also involves a lot of chore work which will help to strengthen your abs & back. A few courses of this & your Legs Bums & Tums will be tightened, toned & lifted back up to where they should be.



We all know that STRESS is a KILLER!

Stress triggers our 'fight or flight’ response & that releases a cascade of toxic hormones called Cortisol - this can stay in the body for days & is not too harmful if you

only experience this type of stress occasionally, But when you are constantly barraged with seemingly endless challenges, hurdles, pain & negativity, this causes the ADRENAL GLANDS

 to flood the body with CORTISOL & this excessive negative build up on your body can be dangerous.

Chronic stress & elevated cortisol levels also increase the risk of DEPRESSION, MENTAL ILLNESS &  LOWER LIFE EXPECTANCY.

National Institutes of Health revealed that Silence in the form of MEDITATION reduces stress & high blood pressure & generally improves health, people who practice meditation are 30% less likely to die from heart disease.    

MEDITATION helps you to SLOW DOWN & FOCUS ON YOU before you encounter anyone else. The benefits are extraordinary & can bring much needed CLARITY & PEACE OF MIND - which then means you will bring YOUR BEST SELF to every situation & interaction - REDUCE STRESS - IMPROVE COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE & IMPROVE SELF CONFIDENCE.MEDITATION is a time for you to QUIET YOUR MIND & let go of the compulsive need we all have to constantly be THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING wether we are RE LIVING THE PAST OR WORRYING ABOUT THE FUTURE

 Think of MEDITATION as A GIFT TO YOURSELF, it’s a time to BE AT PEACE & to experience gratitude & freedom from your day to day stressors & worries….Think of it as a VACATION FROM THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE…We could all do with that at some point couldn’t we?

 Of course your problems will still be there when you finish your meditation each day BUT you will find that you are more CENTERED & BETTER EQUIPPED to tackle & solve them.

 Having read this you may be thinking “I really would like to do this but can I afford it?”

 I would like you to take a moment to think about wether you can afford NOT to do this? or at least to TRY IT?  FREE trial session available

There are many different levels of meditation, mine is a very gentle basic session which includes positive thinking, mindfulness & gratitude.

 If you have never tried Meditation before it is better to be guided, I can help you with this.